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An Overview



The Party 

Ever been to a wedding where no one is dancing? Yeah us too, and it makes us sad. The dance floor is supposed to be a symbol of fun & letting loose, not a dark whole that sucks the fun away. We do our best to make sure that your dance floor is never empty.

The Band 

Having a live band adds such a fun dynamic to the party - but don’t need to tell you that since you’re on this site. 

We play a mix of the old and the new. Our different packages help you determine what you are wanting and the length the band will actually play

The Timeframe 

On average the dance floor is only open for 2 hours during wedding reception! Thats a whole lot of partying in a short amount of time!

To start, we play two sets of music with the DJ spinning in between the 2 sets and after the second set to finish the night

Master of Ceremonies

Wait a minute? Who’s going to announce the couple in? Who is going to tell people when they can get their food? We will, thats who.

Uh oh the band is finished playing but the party isn’t over. Have no fear, we have a DJ that keeps dancing while the band takes a break / finishes out the night with you until it is over.

Order of Events



The Ceremony 

You ceremony music is really special to most couples. And lucky for you, everyone will be able to hear it! Whether is live or recorded, we help give couples the soundtrack of their dreams. 

  • Recorded Music :  Included

  • Live Processional Music : $350

The Reception

For your reception, you not only need equipment for dancing but also for your speeches and to announce the events of the evening. 

Also if you are not having your ceremony at a venue that provides sound equipment, well, thats what we are here for.

The Cocktail Hour

We got you covered from cocktail hour through the last dance!

 Cocktail hour music : 

  • Recorded Music : Included

  • Acoustic Guitar & Vocals : $300

  • Jazz Trio : $450 

Dinner Time

Background music during the dinner helps drown the sounds of clanking on plates and help create an atmosphere for your guests

  • Recorded Music : Included

  • Jazz Trio : $650

    • cocktail hour included as well

The Nitty Gritty



A dance floor without lights is like a BLT without Bacon -  whats the point. We say yes to bacon, or in this case, lightings

The Stats 

Statistically speaking :

  • 81% of guests say the thing they remember most about a wedding is the entertainment.

  • 85% of couples wish they would’ve increased their budget for entertainment at their reception

  • The Average cost of a wedding band in 2018 was right around $4000 

  • The Average cost of a DJ in 2018 was $1300

  • Our wedding packages start at $2400 and you get both!

  • 100% of In Good Company loves the fact that we get to play music for peoples enjoyment


Our Vow

We hear by solemnly swear to do everything in our power to make sure that you have the best party of your life.